About Peter Weltman, Borderless Wine Founder

Peter Weltman is a San Francisco based sommelier and journalist. He is the creator of Borderless Wine, a movement encouraging people to explore and drink off the beaten path. In turn, he sees wine buying as form of activism.

He writes, gives speeches, and host immersive experiences around Borderless Wine. Peter scours the globe building the Borderless Wine Alliance with wines that exemplify impact and importance, while also seeking like-minds to join Borderless Wine as Ambassadors. Peter is regularly invited on wine delegations, and has been to California, Italy, France, Spain, The Republic of Georgia, Japan, Croatia.

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When I talk about this being a country of ideas, and to get political, Borderless Wine is soft diplomacy.”
— Lisa Granik, MW, Borderless Wine Advisor & NYC Symposium Keynote Speaker